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Listening Guide

Welcome to the InStereo Listening Guide!


Here at InStereo we like to enjoy music as an art form and would like to give you, the listener, some helpful hints on how to enjoy an album from start to finish.


For starters, we always recommend listening from the first track to the last track in one sitting. No track skipping! Many times my partner and I have listened to a song or album and found a hidden gem or a personal favorite that never reached mainstream popularity. Also, track order is rarely (if ever) done at random and the artist(s) creating an album put them in that order for a reason. You get more value listening in this manner as you get to see the whole work of art.


As it is not always possible to consume an album in one sitting,  we recommend making time! Many albums that we discuss will only truly be enjoyed when taken in context of all tracks. You can listen while cleaning the house, at the gym, or while on your commute.


In addition, we also recommend listening via different mediums. For example, listening while at work with ear buds is a different experience than listening in your car or with high end over ear headphones. Also, check out live shows; many bands really push their limits when playing live.


We also recommend giving any album at least 3 play throughs. Countless times we have picked up an album and been unclear on whether or not we liked the music, only to later have things ‘click’ into place with the music after multiple play throughs.  


Lastly, you don’t have to like everything! There is plenty of music that Eric and I don’t enjoy but is good music. Everyone has their own taste and we tend to be music snobs so feel free to join our community and comment on each album we cover with your own thoughts. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or email the show at Music@InstereoPodcast.  


Thanks for listening!